Zongzi Sticky Rice Dumplings


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Zongzi is a traditional Chinese festival food - the symbol of the Dragon Boat Festival. Because of the great cultural differences between the South and the North, the ingredients and tastes vary from place to place. Since ancient times, there has been a "south-south sweet and salty" dispute. 

On the Dragon Boat Festival, small zongzi from the north and south gathered in the Huaihe River terminal. The sweet team has jujube, bean paste, and eight treasures. The salt team has egg yolk, ham and Ogawa. At the beginning, everyone was only secretly competing for the number of companions. Later, they were watched by the lively fish, and the sweet and salty team began to quarrel for the honor of their respective teams. Is it sweet or salty? Do children have an answer in their hearts? Just as the sweet and salty teams fought red and red, a mysterious bamboo tube floated from the river...