What's Up Emotion Magnetic Puzzle

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How do you feel today? This set includes a wooden face shaped base, 2 hair buns and 28 magnetic facial parts to convey lots of emotions, from happy to sad, sleepy to excited! 

With a multitude of expressions, the What's up face is great for helping children show how they are feeling when they can't find the words. We love how this game encourages social and emotional development in children. Pair it with some of our social emotional themed books such as :

  • When I feel...
  • All kinds of feelings..
  • The colour monster
  • The only lonely panda
  • First time I slept by myself 
  • Learning to get along series

Useful in a home, daycare, therapy or school environment.

Suitable for ages: 3+

22.2cm L1.1cm H23.3cm W