Together Always (Bilingual)


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"We will stick together."



"Together forever" (a bilingual picture book) uses delicate and elegant watercolors to tell a special friendship. In the story, good friends who separate the two places find a special way to "be together forever".

The goat and the piglet are good friends. They cuddled and lived in the orchard. The days were idle and the time was long. But on a full moon night, the goat wanted to go to the high mountains to see. The little pig just wanted to stay in a comfortable orchard, and the two good friends separated.

 They found a life that suits them. Goats are jumping on the high ridges, and the days are fresh and interesting; the piglets are napping in the lazy orchard, and the days are leisurely and contented. When alone, the pig will learn to look for the direction of the goat and tell the story that the goat has told; when the goat is unable to sleep, he will also hum the little tune that the pig has hummed. They learn to solve the problem, just like good Friends are still around.

Even if the two places are separated, the pig and the goat can still feel the support and spiritual support from good friends, and they will always be together.

"We will stick together" is repeated continuously, and it is easy to read, which can enhance the children's sense of language and make them fall in love with English. The poetic English of singing three sighs and the timeless watercolor of friendship complement each other, bringing another interpretation of friendship for young readers.

**Hardcover edition**