The Courage To Think About God


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God is in the thoughts of everyone, even those who don’t believe in him. This book tells children about the need that man has, and has always had, for spirituality and the need to make sense of the world and all it contains, and how thinking about God can help us to find answers.

Almost every child will ask:

Where do we come from? Who created this world? If there is a god, what would he look like? Can he bless me for a high score on the exam tomorrow? Does he like revenge?

If someone claims that only one belief is correct, other beliefs are wrong, is he right?  This book guides children to understand the origin and meaning of religion, and what is good faith, 

The author introduces an open view of religion, rather than discussing "God", rather than discussing the "essence" of the world. It tells the children that no matter what kind of name people use to call this ultimate existence, it cannot affect the existence itself. When religions repel each other, argue with each other, and claim that they hold the truth, they are actually getting farther and farther from the truth, just as we can't plant large trees into vases.

At the same time, this book also affirmed the positive role of faith. This gives the children a look beyond life, which undoubtedly lays the strongest spiritual foundation for the children's growth.