Sunflower : A Journey of Seeds


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An truly beautiful educational book about the life cycle of Sunflowers!

What happens when a fresh sunflower seeds are planted into the soil? The cotyledons break out of the ground, grow into tall stems, and there are dense true leaves on the stems. The stem will turn around the sun until the flower buds appear. The flowers bloom a little, revealing a large sunflower disk! Look at the inside of the disk, it turned out to be more than 2,000 small flowers! More than 2,000 small flowers, more than 2,000 new sunflower seeds!

From a seed, to more than 2,000 new seeds, set foot on the wonderful journey of giving a seed to nature and explore the mystery of growth!

This book has also won the Golden Brass Award for the Bratislava International Illustrator Biennial (BIB) 2017.