Reversible Alphabet Tracing Board (VIC, WA, NT School Font)


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A customised, Paediatric Occupational Therapy recommended - reversible alphabet tracing board made exclusively for Mandarin Readers in the Victorian Modern Cursive Font for our local families.

Learning to write in the correct font is so important so they do not get confused or frustrated when they start school, hence we have this made for our little one and we hope you will find this resource useful too. The wooden board is double sided featuring capital letters and lower case letters.

The board allows tracing of the shape of the letters thanks to the recesses in the wood surface. It leads the hand along the engraved line while tracing with a stick, the wooden pencil or a finger. It helps the child in the beginning stage of learning to write, helping them to remember the correct strokes through kinesthetic learning. Additionally, it develops the motor skills, precise grip skills, eye-hand coordination and the ability to concentrate.

The board gives endless possibilities to learn through play in many different ways. Letters can be not only traced on the board but also be filled with grains, playdough or be transferred onto a paper through colouring.

Dimensions of tracing board:  29.5 cm x 21 cm

Made from solid beech wood

Please note that wood is a natural material and different pieces may vary in all details like color or knots. Please wipe with a damp cloth and do not place board in water.
All the toys are made with respect to the safety regulations for toys for children.