Questions and Feelings About Racism


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QUESTIONS AND FEELINGS ABOUT: RACISM confronts the tough topic of racism in a gentle picture-book format.

This is an informative picture book explaining what racism is and exploring the effects of racism. It aims to develop empathy and promote inclusivity through relatable text and illustrations.

This picture book is designed to help children with their questions and feelings about tricky topics that can be hard to talk about. The exquisite and approachable illustrations give a comforting story book feel, particularly aimed at 5-7 year olds, while also appealing to both younger and older children. A perfect aid to help children open up and explore how they feel and give them steps they can take to help them cope.

The content has been compiled by experts at CHUMS, an organisation that helps children and young people. This product is FSC certified, so you can be sure your purchase supports healthy forests and protects wildlife.