My Dragon Boat Festival


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The Dragon Boat Festival is a popular festival amongst the Chinese all over the world, and this book narrates the experience and festivities from the eyes of a little child.

Mom and Dad bring presents from the city, including vacuum-packed zongzi, but Grandpa says fresh ones are the best! Together, the family picks leaves, assembles the zongzi, and cooks them over fire. The little child gets to taste every kind of zongzi. Better yet, Grandma makes a special necklace and teaches the child how to make them for friends. Amid these pleasures, the child asks where Grandpa is. He is the helmsman of a dragon boat and is getting ready to race! Later, as the family celebrates the victory of Grandpa’s team, we know the city-dwelling child will want to return, not only for the festivities and the food, but also to spend another good time with her grandparents.