Montessori Garden & Insects PlayKit

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Created by graphic designer and Montessori educator Eve Herrmann, this set of beautifully designed Montessori playkit is a top favourite for family play time and homeschool use.

There are 120 garden-themed Montessori three-segment cards (picture cards, word cards, mother cards) and Montessori activity guidebooks. The cards include garden tools, vegetables, beneficial insects and flowers. With cards and games, you can help your child connect abstract concepts with real-life experiences, improve cognitive skills, master vocabulary, exercise their observation and language skills, and stimulate interest in exploring things around.

Playkit contents:

  • Instructions for use 3
  • Gardening tools 9
  • Common vegetables in the vegetable garden 13
  • Beneficial insects in the garden 19
  • Edible flowers 25