Mandarin Strokes (笔画) Reusable Silicone Colouring Placemat


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Basic Chinese Strokes - 笔画 - Large Reuseable Colouring & Dining Place Mat 

"Basic Chinese Strokes - 笔画" is available in Large 43cm x 28cm. Make learning Chinese fun!  Chinese Strokes can be boring as repetitive learning is required, but boring no more with this reusable colouring mat!

Practice application of the strokes with real words and bring meaning to the Chinese words. After tracing the strokes and colouring the doodles, you can wipe the mat clean for a fresh slate. Whiteboard markers won’t stain or permanently mark the surface, so the mat can be reused hundreds of times. Deep clean it in the dishwasher or with a sterilizer for a germ-free table.

*** Add on options available for Java Pen White Board Markers. ***Mats work with all alcohol based dry erase or whiteboard markers. Do not use oil-based markers or permanent markers.