Mandarin Stroke Order Sandpaper Cards (Montessori)


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Montessori Inspired : A complete set of 8 basic strokes sandpaper and 16 pieces of chinese words sandpaper, with the following characteristics:

1. Strokes with sandpaper texture : Sandpaper can effectively stimulate children's touch when they touch the strokes. It is a kind of muscle education and can also strengthen children's learning and memory.

2. Careful and rigorous selection : 8 basic strokes are the beginning of learning to write Chinese characters; in addition to letting children understand the rules of stroke order, 16 characters can also serve as a radical for the children to write and review the dictionary in the future. 

3. Systematic learning : Sandpaper can be used independently as a teaching aid for pre-writing training. It can also be combined with the series of "Hands for Children" and "Happy Learning" series to form a systematic pre-writing and writing training.

4. Clear instructions for use : 8 basic strokes and 16 descriptions of basic words, steps to use sandpaper and suggestions for extended activities, so that parents and teachers can easily use guide young children.