Mandarin Stroke Order Sandpaper Cards (Montessori)


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Montessori Inspired : A complete set of 8 basic strokes sandpaper and 16 pieces of chinese words sandpaper, with the following characteristics:

1. Strokes with sandpaper texture : Sandpaper can effectively stimulate children's touch when they touch the strokes. It is a kind of muscle education and can also strengthen children's learning and memory.

2. Careful and rigorous selection : 8 basic strokes are the beginning of learning to write Chinese characters; in addition to letting children understand the rules of stroke order, 16 characters can also serve as a radical for the children to write and review the dictionary in the future. 

3. Systematic learning : Sandpaper can be used independently as a teaching aid for pre-writing training. It can also be combined with the series of "Hands for Children" and "Happy Learning" series to form a systematic pre-writing and writing training.

4. Clear instructions for use : 8 basic strokes and 16 descriptions of basic words, steps to use sandpaper and suggestions for extended activities, so that parents and teachers can easily use guide young children.

5. The Twenty-four cards cover the following characters:

  • 8 basic strokes
  • 2 cards with 2-stroke characters: 十 (shí / ten), 人 (rén / person)
  • 4 cards with 3-stroke characters: 女 (nǚ / woman), 大 (dà / big), 土 (tǔ / soil), 口 (kǒu / mouth)
  • 7 cards with 4-stroke characters: 手 (shǒu / hand),牛 (niú / cow),火 (huǒ / fire),水 (shuǐ / water),日 (rì / sun),木 (mù / wood),月 (yuè / moon)
  • 3 cards with 5-stroke characters: 生 (shēng / birth), 田 (tián / field), 米 (mǐ / rice)

These characters are the same for both simplified and traditional Chinese.  The cards have no Hanyu Pinyin or English.