Little Fish A Carousel Book

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Two tiny orange goby fish
play beneath the waves.
A giant shoal swims past the friends
and sweeps one fish away…

A spectacular carousel pop-up book that follows the journey of a little lost fish as it tries to find its way back to the coral reef.

Little Fish tells the charming story of a fish finding its way back home to the reef, through five spectacular pop-up scenes. Readers will delight in being able to follow the little fish swimming in a world packed with brightly colored corals, clams and fish , through a seaweed forest; under the eye of a greedy-looking grouper; and quickly past a menacing shark, and all the way back home again.

Told in a lulling rhyme reminiscent of the waves, and illustrated by Emily Rand in a playful, Patterned style, Little Fish is an eye-popping story that celebrates the wonder of ocean life. Produced as a carousel format, which stands up independently when its cover boards are tied back together, this wonderful book will be enjoyed by anyone who , immersive artistry.Illustrated in 4 Pantone colors

About the Illustrator
Emily Rand is an illustrator who lives and works in London. She is the author and illustrator of three books for children, including A Dog Day and In the Darkness of the Night.

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