Little Baby Steps Series (10 volumes)


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A gorgeous box set of 10 books with realistic illustration featuring all aspects of infant and child life that captures not only their imagination but enhances emotion and cognition. The language used is simple and repetitive to suit the learning needs of young children. Every book has a rounded design so they are safe for tiny hands. 


1. Hello - Learn all about greetings as a child set off to explore his world, meeting all sorts of animals and trees and small puddles along the way. 

2. CircleWhat kind of story will unfold as one circle, two circles, three circles, four circles, and five circles appear ? A book on imagination.

3. Breakfast time, what do you like to eat? - Find out what types of food people and animals eat. if you like to eat fish, you may be a cat; if you like carrots, you may be a rabbit. If you like to eat bread, eggs and milk, you might be...

4. Who bit my big cake - A curiosity based story to find out who has taken a bite from the cake! A little detective game for little ones as they guess which animal took a bite based on the clues given

5. Mom, I am going to travel - A book on mother-child interaction that is warm and loving. Little one gets ready to go out and asks whether mummy would miss him, and finds a safe and satisfied answer in the end.

6. 咕咚- Come on! Come on! The little mouse, little rabbit, little fox, lamb, pig and zebra has escaped... everyone fled! 

7. Guess who I am - A guessing game for little one to understand the whole from a part.

8. Step by step, go and go - An adventurous book as little one walked out of the house, step by step until he saw the big tortoise, and climbed on it, next he saw the big ostrich, and rode with it until he sees a big tiger! How can he escape safely?

9. Moon, where have you been?The moon is gone! This surprise for the little white rabbit will definitely surprise your child. Some children may express in words, while others may use their eyes to explore. 

10.Let's go! - A fun book on all types of vehicles: cars, bicycles, big trucks, fire trucks... and all kinds of sounds!