Lego: Chinese New Year Reunion


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The very first Lego book featuring Chinese New Year reunion, compatible to Lego's reunion dinner bricks set.

On New Year’s Eve, the little host is trying to build "Lego New Year’s Eve Set", and then learns that Dad cannot come back for the New Year...

The little owner was very disappointed and dropped the Lego Daddy minifigure on the ground-this is how Lego Daddy's journey home begins!

He used various methods and got the help of his companions, and finally returned to his home when the twelve o'clock struck. At the same time, the little master's father also rushed back home.

This book is aimed at children aged 4-8. It focuses on traditional Chinese festivals and culture. It does not stick to the introduction of annual customs or lists the festival process. Instead, it extracts the more essential and universal core value of "reunion". 

Pair this book with Lego's Reunion Dinner set, or other Lego toys, as well as our Magbrix magnetic tiles !