Cubetto Wooden Coding Robot


Looking for a toy that teaches your 3-7 year old coding & STEM skills through story and play? We make award-winning ones, chosen by 20000+ parents. Primo Toys brings education to life with it's unique learning platform, Cubetto. The goal of Cubetto is to introduce programming basics, critical thinking, and collaborative problem-solving in a way that is fun and tactile. One of the best things about Cubetto is that it achieves this without needing a computer or tablet. This means less screen time, less required equipment, and more learning.

Cubetto consists of a tactile wooden control board that allows you to build a program by placing modular, coloured blocks in a sequence. The control board then tells the Cubetto what to do, and brings your program to life! Use the maps and storybook challenges to create a unique adventure using Cubetto and engage young minds with creative exploration.

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