Jacob Grows Up Second Series (3)


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Originally written from Peadiatrician author from Germany, Jacob grow up boardbook series have been translated into Mandarin and features various childhood growing up experiences and encourages the learning of good habits, skill development and social emotional development. There are 3 mini stories that directly relates to a child's daily life in each board book, such as crossing the street, learning to brush his teeth, seeing the doctor, losing his temper, etc.

After each story, there are "tips for parents" from experts in related fields, such as how to calm the anxiety of children going to kindergarten for the first time, how to overcome the fear of doctors, and so on. There are also interactive questions and answers on each page.

This series has 3 books :

★ "Jacob's Little Trouble": Wayward Jacob, Jacob's diapers, Jacob loses his temper

★ "Jacob loves to learn": Jacob learns about cars, Jacob learns to wash his hair, Jacob learns to play football

★ "Jacob out at play": Jacob visits the amusement park, Jacob takes the train, Jacob goes to the gym