I'm Fun Too! The First Mandarin Lego Book


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What happens when a plain-looking, plainly dressed Lego minifigure meets a group of special minifigures with elaborate cars, colorful clothes, and cool shapes? He felt that he was not fun at all, and he was even depressed! Unexpectedly, those cool minifigures also admire ordinary minifigures, their thick hair, brilliant smile, and his simplicity. Finally, ordinary minifigures discovered that they can actually do a lot of things, ordinary people can also be great, and become whatever they want to be...

The very first Mandarin Lego picture book officially authorized by Lego and a new masterpiece by Jonathan Finsk, a lifelong LEGO fan and children's book author.This vivid picture story book will attract readers of all ages!

Pair this fun Lego book with Lego figurines, Lego bricks and our Magbrix magnetic tiles!