Four Five Quick Reading (Volumes 1-4)


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"Four-Five Quick-Reading Follow-up Stories Collection" content: A total of 50 fairy tales composed of Chinese characters recognized in Four-Five Quick Read. This series is written by Professor Yang Qiduo, a well-known child education expert, a project consultant and professor of the Ministry of Science and Technology, an executive director of the Hunan Family Education Research Association

The first volume: Guide, introduction to literacy methods, 1 to 10 lessons, introducing 88 Chinese characters, 166 words, 22 short sentences, 10 long sentences, literacy cards.

The second volume: 11 to 20 lessons, introducing 88 Chinese characters, 200 words, 12 short sentences, 7 long sentences, 25 short essays, and literacy cards. 

The third volume: Lessons 21 to 30, introducing 88 Chinese characters, 306 words, 28 short essays, and literacy cards. 

The fourth volume: Lessons 31 to 40, introducing 88 Chinese characters, 332 words, 7 short essays, 10 stories, and literacy cards. 

The author has written the teaching methods of each word, using imagery, metaphor, inducing and enlightening teaching methods, using childlike language, vivid body movements and interaction Communication to teach Chinese characters. While learning Chinese characters, according to the learned Chinese characters (starting from learning 32 characters), gradually enter the reading of phrases, sentences, short paragraphs, long paragraphs, short passages that meet the cognitive level of children and the children’s life interest until reading these learned Chinese characters Stories, fairy tales, etc. 
In this way, single boring Chinese characters are continuously combined into vivid, vivid and interesting words, sentences, and stories. Children will soon be able to understand the meaning of Chinese characters, and form vivid pictures in their minds that match the meaning of these words, sentences, and stories. They can taste the joy of literacy step by step, learn words easily and happily, and quickly gain autonomy. After each lesson of literacy and reading, thinking training and attention training are designed. 
The Chinese characters of "Four-Five Quick Reading" are synchronized with elementary school textbooks, and you can finish this set of books if you insist on six months