Dearest Grandma


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Jasmine loves her grandma. Grandma told her many stories and taught her how to use chopsticks. However, grandma's body is getting weaker and weaker...

The author of this article is the 102-year-old Mr. Shigeaki Hinohara, a best-selling author who is well-known in Japan's health care industry. He wrote this book recalling his childhood. It is also a masterpiece of the well-known Japanese illustrator Chiaki Okada. It takes the daily life of Little Jasmine and grandma as the starting point, uses lens-like pictures and simple and clean text to tell the children about the death of an ordinary old man.

In the story, it teaches the children how to say goodbye to their loved ones, and let children know how to cherish those they love. The centenarian reminded us with a century of life wisdom and rich experience: life is limited and precious. It teaches children to be grateful to the loved ones who have been with us and to remember them