David's Story Series (Bilingual)

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David' Story series is a set of books suitable for you to read, study together and grow together with your children. The story comes from four touching experiences in the life of King David of Israel in the Old Testament era. "Little Shepherd and the Flock", "Little Shepherd and the Giant", "Shepherd and Prince", "Good King of Kindness". In "Little Shepherd and the Flock", let us see David, who is devoted to his duties.

He is diligent in caring for the flock, and his loyal and responsible qualities have made him a king to be chosen by God. In "Little Shepherd and the Giant", let us see David, brave and fearless. He bravely and fearlessly, with confidence, hit the giant eye of Goliath with a small stone, and completely defeat the giant of the world. In The Shepherd and the Prince, what we see is the sincere David. Because of the common belief, David and the prince’s heart are closely linked. Their pure and sincere friendship has withstood the second life and death. test. In The King of Mercy, let us see the benevolent and faithful David. He keeps his promise, not only does not avenge the enemy Saul, but instead takes care of Saul's grandson like his own son.

Pinyin annotation, bilingual in English and Chinese