Dandelion: A Journey of Seeds


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A truly beautiful educational book about the life cycle of dandelions!

In winter, the leaves of dandelions are large and tightly attached to the ground; the roots are deeply rooted and absorb nutrients. In the spring, the flower buds quietly sprouted. In less than a month, the dandelion completes the process of flowering from the flower buds to the flowers, and then the white velvet-like fruit. Gently blowing, the seeds of dandelion fly in the distance with a white "parachute", landing, rooting, long leaves, smashing through the heat and winter, in the spring of next year, blossoming a yellow flower, and producing a "white velvet" ball"……

This book has also won the Golden Brass Award for the Bratislava International Illustrator Biennial (BIB) 2017.