Animal Baby & Mom Series (7 volumes)


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The "Animal Baby and Mom" ​​series is a masterpiece of Japan's "Animal Painting Wizards" with 7 books in total. Children love animals. As a cognitive picture book for early childhood, little ones will be able to see every hair and every realistic movement of the muscles in this set of books. This book series also strengthens the relationship between mothers and babies, as portrayed even in animals.

A question-and-answer format helps parents and children interact. At the same time, with the addition of action words such as hug, push and other body-related words, adults can do exercises with children, to attract them to read. Such a vivid and loving book is the ideal cognitive picture book for 0-3 years old baby!

Table of Contents:

Animal baby and mother

Animal baby happy game

With mom

Animal baby is sleeping

Whose footprint is this?

Who is this baby?

How do animal babies protect themselves?